Welcome to “Totsie’s Power Surge Corner Blog where in the best of the times, the worst of time, high and low times and your darkest hour, Motivation, Encouragement and Lots of Laughs is always the order of the day.

I could not do this without My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who resides in me to touch someone’s life and share my experience and journeys in life with a weekly power surge of food for thought and encouragement.  My desire and sole intent for this blog is to:  To speak my mind and not be judged.  People always say what would Jesus do, but that is easier said than done because I/We have stuff going on to cloud our minds and sometimes we need several types of moments.  Uh huh moments, Wig out Moments and Moments where we just need to Vent, and again, not be judged.  Through it all, we are able to talk about it and share experiences and stories to help us along our journey in life.  With that said; at the same time, I will always leave you with a laugh, a different point of view or I could just leave you to agree to disagree, BUT Jesus is in my driver’s seat to:

  1. Encourage and improve a deeper relationship and dialogue with God.
  2. Encourage wellness, wholeness and increased faith to the Mind, Body and Spirit.
  3. Encourage the gifts of God within to manifest and come alive in us.
  4. Lots and Lots and I mean lots of humor, laughs and common sense where sense is not always common.



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