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Evangelist Natasha C. Pearman-Pile


I am first and foremost a chosen vessel of God; a wife, a mother, a daughter and sister with many facets.  I am that bridge to peace, love, joy and strength of GOD; I am that sister that will stand in the gap and even get down in the trenches of life with you and pray you through; I am that voice that reminds you of your “Why” in your journey of Change.

Evangelist Natasha Pile is an astute intellectual who thoroughly enjoys studying the Word of God which compliments her tenacity to make application of the Apostle Paul’s directive to “study to show thyself approved unto God.”  She is an anointed prophetic teacher of the gospel and enjoys teaching and preaching so that those who hear her come to embrace life lessons that lead to a more intimate relationship with God.   Moreover, as a devote prayer warrior, Evangelist Pile has an innate ability to provide solace to those in need of care, comfort, and compassion while helping them to become vessels of honor for the glory of God. Her definitive conviction is that prayer and praise is the antidote for combating any problem/situation that may fracture the wholeness of our being and our connection with God.

With absolute enthusiasm, intensity and excitement, she serves admirably and responsibly in varied capacity with a firm spirit of love, devotion, dedication, and commitment to assigned ministries in the church under the leadership of Bishop Kenneth L. Pearman.  In addition to being an awesome preacher and dyna20160821_174104076_iOSmic teacher, Evangelist Pile is also the director of Praise and Worship and the Reaching Out For Jesus Christian Center music ministry, as well as faithfully serve on the Communion Board for over 20 years.

Coupled together with Ministry, Evangelist Pile is Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach.  She and her husband Vence of 25 years have one daughter, affectionately called Dej.  Evangelist Pile is embarking on new heights and depths in ministry—always striving for perfection in Christ Jesus.

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