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Shepherdess Natasha C. Pearman-Pile


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Natasha C. Pearman-Pile, an author, the proud founder of Totsie’s Power Surge and the proud owner of Totsie’s Roots to Ends Hair and Body as well—where custom hair & skin care is my specialty.  I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach and Hair Loss Practitioner.  First and far most, I get to do what I love with a passion—Motivate, Encourage, Coach and Promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole person—the Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Spirit of GOD rest, rule and abide in me to be that sister that will get down in the trenches with you and pray you through—I will encourage, motivate and confirm GOD’S Promise, your self-worth and importance.  I am that bridge that bring many into a closer relationship with GOD and your personal self through thought provoking events, articles and graphics.

I am first and foremost a chosen vessel of God with many facets.  I am that bridge to peace, love, joy and strength of GOD; I am that sister that will stand in the gap and even get down in the trenches of life with you and pray you through; I am that voice that reminds you of your “Why” in your journey of Change. I am a wife of 27 years to Vence Pile, a mother to Diedra, a daughter, sister and friend.  I am a Blogger of the Totsie’s Power Surge where Motivation, Encouragement and Lots of Laughs is the Order of the Day.  I am an Evangelist of 20+ years, I serve joyfully and with my whole heart, at the Reaching Out For Jesus Christian Center in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania as an Elder and Chief Adjutant under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Kenneth L. Pearman.

I Think Everything is Funny

I don’t take myself too serious

I have made it a point to Enjoy and Embrace Life with Passion

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