Day 9 of 14 Days of Prayer for Our Cities ~ Godly Courage and Honesty!

July 9, 2021

Godly Courage and Honesty

Lord, we come before You, lifting our cities up unto you; we are asking that you touch the hearts of our community leaders, city officials and your people at large with the Spirit of Honesty and Courage. Let honesty be our guiding principle in our cities.

GOD, the spirit of Honesty requires courage, both from the teller of truth and the listener. Give us and them the courage to hear the truth; give us and them the wisdom and sensitivity to handle what we have heard and know what to do with the truth.

GOD help us

· Think before we speak.

· Say what we mean and mean what we say.

· Help us simplify our message so that it may be clearly understood nor is it misinterpreted, so that our needs for our cities will not get lost in the translation.

· Help us to treat information concerning our city as a gift.

Proverbs 6:16-20 (ETRV)

16 The LORD hates these seven things:
17 eyes that show pride, tongues that tell lies, hands that kill innocent people,
18 hearts that plan evil things to do, feet that run to do evil,
19 witnesses in court who tell lies, and anyone who causes family members to fight.
20 My son, remember your father’s command, and don’t forget your mother’s teaching.