Making Room For GOD ~ Creating a Meditative Space #1 and 2

Create your own private meditation space – It can be a small area in the house where You’d look forward to going every day?

Creating a Meditative Space #1

We all need a special place that we can escape to and connect with GOD in a quiet and intimate way.  This meditative space helps to recharge our Strength, Our Energy and Brings Balance to our Mind, Body and Spirit.

This creative space empowers You and Inspire others to take Courageous and Inspiring steps in Your Spiritual development.

Creating a Meditative Space #2

Creating a space that is a safe haven to “Receive”–to listen to Your soul and get answers from GOD!  A meditative space can be created anywhere ~ even if it is just a tiny corner in your bedroom or bathroom ~ there are no rules to creating your own meditative space.  Follow your heart and put in everything that you love.  Your space should feel safe and at peace; a place where you can just be alone and relaxed.


Continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored in GOD!
Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be Courageous and Full of Inspiration!




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